Admission All India Test Series


Students seeking admission in our AITS are required to send D/D in the favor of ‘Disha Classes’ Payable at Delhi. Amount of D/D can be calculated by the students themselves according to the category of scholarship they fall in. Also send proof of scholarship category being claimed.


Testing of concepts and fundamentals in the subjects.

Testing the Scoring Capabilities Many Students believe they are good in the subject, but they are not able to score good marks in the paper. Scoring in a paper requires more skills than just understanding the concepts or a topic at an introductory level. Test Series helps potentially at this.

  • Helps eliminate/ minimize the number of mistakes in paper.
  • Provide you with several approaches/ solution for a question, thereby broadening your vision into a particular topic.
  • Increase a level of competence with you, as you have to score high among a large no. of Students.
  • The syllabus is properly divided into several parts, for the part tests, so the student can follow or work accordingly, otherwise large no. of students are not able to complete their syllabus in time.
  • Exposes you to a large variety of new and challenging questions.
  • Exposes you to varying levels of difficulty and patterns possible in the papers.
  •  The test paper discussion sessions provide:-
    • Solution for the current paper
    • Discuss the various solutions possible in a particular question
    • Tips on how to solve the paper faster & more accurately, and score more marks with the same knowledge.
  • The overall course helps build a strong psychological temperament among students towards taking the IIT – JEE exam.
  • The test series conducted by Disha Classes in previous year was very realistic and highly appreciated.
  • The ranks predicted through this were in unison to the actual ranks which the students later got in the IIT – JEE, DCE & AIEEE.


More than 45% students selected in IIT-JEE/NITS/DTU/NSIT/BITS etc from our classroom course program.

In fact, our test series forces the students to retrospect the subject matter and the method of applications.

It will remove the habit of farming pre-concepts and mis-concepts about any part of the subject, and mis-concepts about any part of the subject, which will help the students to improve their ranks.

Only at Disha, all the faculty members are ex-IItians who have themselves qualified at IIT – JEE, and only these teachers take classes in all the batches, a combination which can rarely exist at any other institute.