Admission One Year Regular Program


Students seeking admission to our one-year regular program are required to undergo our admission test which is based upon the following:
Subject Syllabus
Physics ,Chemistry & Mathematics Class XI

Admission test fee is Rs. 200/- + G.S.T and Total Duration of Exam is 3 Hours
Students can get registered and collect a sample paper of the admission test and get a test date of their choice from pre-specified dates at the institute.

Scholarship upto 100% in tution fee, on the basis of performance in our Admission Cum Scholarship Test. In addition to the scholarships awarded to the students at the time of their admission to DISHA CLASSES, the institute rewards its students with handsome awards in recognition of their performance at various . JEE (Main & Advance) etc.

Group ‘A’ JEE (Advance) (applicable to candidates of general category) Group ‘B’ JEE (Main) (based on All India Rank for B.Tech. general category)
AIR 1- AIR 10 Rs 1,00,000 (Rs. One Lakh only) payable in 4 annual installments Rank 1 – 5 Rs. 25,000 (Rs. Twenty Five Thousand Only) payable in 2 annual installments
AIR 11-AIR 100 Rs 50,000 (Rs. Fifty Thousand only) payable in 2 annual installments Rank 6- 30 Rs 10,000 (Rs. Ten Thousand only)
AIR 101- AIR 250 Rs 10,000 (Rs. Ten Thousand only) Rank 31-75 Rs 5,000 (Rs. Five Thousand only)
AIR 251- AIR 500 Rs 7,500 (Rs. Seven Thousand Five Hundred only) Rank 76-150 Rs 2,500 (Rs. Two Thousand Five Hundred only)
AIR 501- AIR 1000 Rs 5,000 (Rs. Five Thousand only) Rank 151-1000 Rs 1,500 (Rs. One Thousand Five Hundred only)
AIR 1000- AIR 2000 Rs 2,000 (Rs. Two Thousand only) Rank 1001-2500 Gifts


More than 45% students selected in IIT-JEE/NITS/DTU/NSIT/BITS etc from our classroom course program.

The quantum of awards will stand suitably amended for candidates of other categories. Notes

  • This award scheme is applicable to students of our regular classroom programs only.
  • In case of selections in multiple entrance exams, only one prize/award will be admissible.
  • Prize money is payable on submitting proof of having taken admission against the category for which the prize is being given.
  • The decision of the management of DISHA CLASSES regarding the quantum of prize / award won by a student will be final and binding and no claim whatsoever will be entertained in this regard.
  • In case of difference in merit position and rank of a candidate, merit position as declared by the competent examining body will be used for deciding the quantum of prize / award.
  • The above mentioned award scheme(s) / scholarship scheme(s) can be amended and I or withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of the management of DISHA CLASSES.