Admission Two Year Regular Program



Students seeking admission to our two-year regular program are required to undergo our admission test which is based upon the following:

Subject Syllabus
Physics Electric Current and Magnetism
Chemistry Acid, Bases and Salts, Metals and Non-Metals
Mathematics Real Number, Polynomials, Linear Equation, Triangle, Trigonometry, Statistics

Admission test fee is Rs. 200/- + G.S.T and Total Duration of Exam is 3Hours

Students can get registered and collect a sample paper of the admission test and get a test date of their choice from pre-specified dates at the institute.

DISHA CLASSES, the institute rewards its students with handsome awards in recognition of their performance in JEE (Main & Advance)
Group ‘A’ JEE ( Advance) (applicable to candidates of general category) Group ‘B’ JEE (Main ) (based on All India Rank for B.Tech. general category)
AIR 1- AIR 10 Rs 1,00,000 (Rs. One Lakh only) payable in 4 annual installments Rank 1 – 5 Rs. 25,000 (Rs. Twenty Five Thousand Only) payable in 2 annual installments
AIR 11-AIR 100 Rs 50,000 (Rs. Fifty Thousand only) payable in 2 annual installments Rank 6- 30 Rs 10,000 (Rs. Ten Thousand only)
AIR 101- AIR 250 Rs 10,000 (Rs. Ten Thousand only) Rank 31-75 Rs 5,000 (Rs. Five Thousand only)
AIR 251- AIR 500 Rs 7,500 (Rs. Seven Thousand Five Hundred only) Rank 76-150 Rs 2,500 (Rs. Two Thousand Five Hundred only)
AIR 501- AIR 1000 Rs 5,000 (Rs. Five Thousand only) Rank 151-1000 Rs 1,500 (Rs. One Thousand Five Hundred only)
AIR 1000- AIR 2000 Rs 2,000 (Rs. Two Thousand only) Rank 1001-2500 Gifts


More than 45% students selected in IIT-JEE/NITS/DTU/NSIT/BITS etc from our classroom course program.

The quantum of awards will stand suitably amended for candidates of other categories. Notes

  • This award scheme is applicable to students of our regular classroom programs only.
  • In case of selections in multiple entrance exams, only one prize/award will be admissible.
  • Prize money is payable on submitting proof of having taken admission against the category for which the prize is being given.
  • The decision of the management of DISHA CLASSES regarding the quantum of prize / award won by a student will be final and binding and no claim whatsoever will be entertained in this regard.
  • In case of difference in merit position and rank of a candidate, merit position as declared by the competent examining body will be used for deciding the quantum of prize / award.
  • The above mentioned award scheme(s) / scholarship scheme(s) can be amended and I or withdrawn at any time at the sole discretion of the management of DISHA CLASSES.