Faculty Members


An IIT-BHU almnus having a natural flare for the physics.His analytical, focused approached in the subject coupled with the excellent problem solving skills and connectivity to the students has produced many highest scores and ranks in IIT-JEE.

Akhilesh Kumar Gupta

An IIT- Kanpur almnus.A highly conceptual IIT-JEE faculty with the highest level of problem solving skills helped many students reach excellent ranks in IIT-JEE.

Amit Sao

A very responsible and motivated faculty member, very precise and focused in approach.

Dr. K. P. Singh

Dr. Singh an honoring advisory faculty at Disha is a milestone in the organic chemistry. Famous for his own style of teaching with some mechanism based tools which binds the entire organic chemistry in a integrated network.

Dr. R. S. Gupta

Ex Professor and Head Mathematics having some of the internationally acclaimed papers published to his name.

Sanjai Asthana

IIT-BHU Almnus. A highly conceptual person in chemistry