Improve your score in January attempt and prepare thoroughly till final attempt in April Join our crash course for jee mains spread in two phases

DISHA CLASSES is about to begin its crash course for JEE Mains which includes 4 part test + 4 full test with discussion/ solution along with coverage of some important topics.

Whole syllabus will be completed in just ONE MONTH (before January). Such revision of basic concepts before the exam has proven to significantly improve performance amongst students!

With experienced IIT alumni as faculty, this is a crash course you can’t afford to miss!

(After the January attempt the course and test series will continue – some part before the board exam and some after the boards before the April attempt.

Extended course will focus upon BITSAT after the April attempt of JEE mains).

Don’t hesitate to inquire about course details from us.
To register now call @ 7290016768,69,70